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Zagreb, 11 May - Monday 10th May is a historic day for the large number of Serbs living in Zagreb and throughout Croatia.

In the beautiful land near the Monastery of St. Petka in Zagreb on the hills above Zagreb from which to see the entire Croatian capital, was laid the cornerstone for the new building of the Serbian Orthodox school Kantakuzina Katarina Brankovic and spiritual center of Metropolitan of Zagreb and Ljubljana.

On the day of cremation relics of Saint Sava in Zagreb avenged the cornerstone of the building of the Serbian Orthodox gymnasium and spiritual center of Metropolitan of Zagreb - Ljubljana.

The very act consecration reached a large number of Orthodox clergy in Slovenia, the Republic of Serbian and Croatian. Consecration of the groundbreaking was attended by many distinguished guests from Serbia, Slovenia, the Republic of Serbian and Croatian. In the name of the Croatian government were Slobodan Uzelac, Vice President and Zelimir Janjic, State Secretary of Ministry of Education, Croatian.

City of Zagreb were represented by Milan Bandic, Zagreb Mayor Boris Sprem, chairman of the City Hall. Serbia was represented by Dragan Čurović, State Secretary of Ministry of Religious Affairs of Serbia. Among those present were the Milorad Pupovac, representative of Croatian Serb and Stanimir Vukićević, Ambassador of Serbia to Croatia.

After the welcoming speech Metropolitan Jovan of the values of construction of the Orthodox high school in Zagreb, said, Milan Bandic, Zagreb Mayor, Dragan Čurović, Secretary Ministry of Religious Affairs of Serbia, and Slobodan Uzelac, Vice President of the Croatian Government. Metropolitan Jovan has been awarded the Drazen Juračić and Jelena Skorup Juračić Planners gymnasium and spiritual center. In his welcoming speech, Metropolitan Jovan thanked the politicians and the Croatian Zagreb, who for years assisted the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Milan Bandic for "courier", said: "After some slow time between the two peoples of Croats and Serbs, have now created a new and better times we want to help in all respects Serbs in Zagreb. These are the citizens of Zagreb, and we want to cooperate with them. Our goal is to help the Orthodox Church in the construction of these facilities, because this is a very important project for the city of Zagreb. "

Holy liturgy was served by His Eminence Metropolitan dabrobosanski Mr. G. Nicolay to sasluženje protojereja stavrofora Milorad Ljubinca (Metropolitan dabrobosanska), Rev Michael Žikić director of high school, protođakona Mitra Tanasića (Metropolitan dabrobosanska) and deacons Branimir Jokic. After the Divine Liturgy at the point where it provided the chapel dedicated to St. Sava Consecration has been done, laying the foundation charter. In addition Mitropolita dabrobosanskog Nicholas, Metropolitan Jovan accommodation in consecration of the foundations have participated bishops, sremski Mr. Basil and Bishop zapadnoamerički Mr. Mitrofan sasluženje the clergy of our Metropolitan, dabrobosanske and Srem Eparchy. After the consecration of the foundations and sung hymns, the guests present were welcomed by Metropolitan Jovan that everyone welcomes. Among those present were Deputy Prime Minister Slobodan Uzelac, State Secretary of Ministry of Religious Republic of Serbia Dragan Čurović, State Secretary, Ministry of Education Želimir Sciences, Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic, City Council President Boris Sprem, representatives of Serbs in Croatia, led by Milorad Pupovac, Ambassador R. Serbia Stanimir Vukićević, representatives of religious communities and many other distinguished guests.

Distinguished guests

The end of his opening speech Metropolitan Jovan was awarded the Order of the first order of Katarina Brankovic Kantakuzine Bishop of Srem, Vasily G. Lord, Ph.D. Drazen Juračić and his wife Yelena Skorup Juračić architects and designers of high schools and spiritual centers. Mr. Juračić thanked Metropolitan Jovan of decoration and briefly explained the beginnings of creating this project. On behalf of Vera RS attendees addressed Dragan Čurović on behalf of the City of Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic stressed the importance of this project for the city of Zagreb. In front of the Government of the Republic of Croatian Deputy Prime Minister Slobodan Uzelac praised the previous work of high school and promised government support in building this important project. Metropolitan Jovan thanked all present, expressing hope that the recent completion of this very important project for the Serb community, not only in Zagreb but also the entire Croatian.

 Rade Bakračević
  Foto: Zdravko Majstorović


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